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02.28.16: How's your foundation?

Bulletin column for St. Mary's Parish, Griffith, Ind.

Years ago, Barbara Walters famously asked actress Katharine Hepburn what type of tree would she like to be, if she saw herself as a tree. The actress responded that she’d like to be a sturdy and solid oak.

Much like Ms. Hepburn, we’d like to be like oak trees. We’d like to stand tall and proud, free of flaws and always providing for others. We’d like to be the dependable one that everybody looks up to. Yet, all of us have a lot in common with the fig tree in today’s Gospel.

Just as that tree was planted in good ground, we too were likely given a good foundation by our parents, teachers and priests. But just like that tree, we might have not lived up to our full potential. We stumble and fall. It happens. We’re human. Still, like the tree, we’re given a chance for redemption. For us, it’s God’s mercy that refreshes our souls and cleanses us, giving us a fresh start.

On Friday and Saturday, St. Mary’s will be participating in “24 Hours of Mercy,” an opportunity to refresh and renew our hearts, at the request of Pope Francis. Father and I will be offering periods of Eucharistic Adoration and also the Liturgy of the Hours. Father will also be offering two opportunities to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I’ll also be offering an additional period of our candlelit service on Friday night, ending with a procession to the Marian Garden, as we ask for the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

We’ll be asking for your help in praying as a community this weekend, and I hope you’ll consider signing up for an hour of adoration. A full schedule will be included in this bulletin.

May we continue being signs of mercy and instruments of peace for each other and for our world.

In faith, hope and love,


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